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Check No-Claim Discount (NCD) Online


For those who are not sure what is No-Claim Discount (NCD),

NCD is a discount given to the policyholders upon renewal of their motor insurance if no claim is made or arises from the policy for a continuous coverage of 12 months. The discount given is based on a fixed rate provided by Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) Motor Tariff.

The standard rate for private car is as follows :

  • After the first year of insurance 25%
  • After the second year of insurance 30%
  • After the third year of insurance 38.33%
  • After the fourth year of insurance 45%
  • After five or more years of insurance 55%

How to check your NCD status :

Traditionally we will normally ask our insurance agent or contact direct the insurance company. But now few websites has offered this free services online.

ISM Insurance Service

  • Visit ISM website
  • Key in your vehicle registration number, IC number, First name, last name, email & contact number
  • Then “click” Enquire NCD Button, and the system will prompt the status on the screen.

Auto Etiqa Takaful

  • Auto Etiqa website also provide similar services, just log on to the website and key in your details. Easy !

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