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Perodua Myvi LE

Perodua Myvi LE 

A new Perodua Myvi called the Perodua Myvi Limited Edition (Myvi LE) will be launched tomorrow. The new Myvi will be available in three colours – Ivory White, Ebony Black and a new colour Dazzling Red, which is pictured above.

The new Dazzling Red colour has a decidedly pink hue to it, obviously targeted at ladies who are considering buying the current Myvi.

The Perodua Myvi LE will only be available with an automatic transmission. It is based on the 1.3 liter Standard Automatic model but equipped with additional trim. The female target audience is made even more apparent with the new MD Aminar Rashid Salleh commenting that lady drivers place great importance on vanity mirrors in their cars, thus the inclusion of a vanity mirror on both the driver and passenger side.

The LE has new trim colour and fabric, door inner handles, an “LE” carpet mat, and decorative cubic printing on both the centre cluster and the door trim armrests. There’s also dual airbags for the people at the front. The radio has USB and Bluetooth connectivity. On the outside, Perodua has fitted the Myvi LE with smoked clear rear combination lamps (straight from the Myvi SE), “LE” badging and side door moldings.

Treat it as an additional accessory package to fit onto the 1.3 Standard Automatic model, since the LE is a RM1,700 premium over the 1.3 Standard AT. It’s priced at RM48,600 for metallic paint colours and priced RM500 cheaper for the solid colours.

UPDATE #2: Perodua are also selling four accessories which are being pushed with this new Myvi LE but can also be equipped to all models of the Myvi including retrofit to existing Myvis. They are 1) Chrome door handles – RM175, 2) Tinted film for all glass – RM1300++, 3) A car seat organiser to hang behind your front seats – this allows storage of magazines, 2 bottles of water, etc – RM78.80, and 4) a blue lighting set for the floor and luggage area – RM231. Look after the jump for photos of these accessories.


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